Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fire wanted, Apply within

Truth is I love you, you're good and you're kind

there are far too few where you stood in my mind

mostly been real and rarely caught lying

but jeezus it's no mystery why I feel like I'm dying

too little pain in this poem and I know that that's wrong

my words need a passion of any kind and damn it's been long...

we've been an endless pause producing no song

honey we had a slow leak now the air is gone

if you'd shown some fire I'd have burned you a sun

for my poems to transpire I need my Muse to stun

oh hell I'm fine and warm, got food in the fridge

sure I got issues, but not looking for a ledge

it's just, well, like dull scissors we lost our edge

like a couple in stasis not alive but not dead

but I'm no zombie, I'll die if overfed


know that I love you, and know I'm a friend

know that I like you and my help always lend

but I need some fire and hope to hell some heat helps me mend

but best for both, love, you and I must end.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Healer

I went to the Healer to salve my soul

to take my rest

to bring me whole

She regaled me with mysteries untold

and sent me to the trees...

I cried to Her what am I to learn?

to grasp? to know? what wisdom discern?

look upon me now with blessed concern!

so She sent me to the seas…

in waterlogged garble I sought Her reason

in tides? in drowning? in changes of season?

no longer contained She sang Wisdom is Legion!

and sent me off to be…

Monday, July 12, 2010



the overwhelming weight of nothingness

where life, friendship, possession, habit or habitat that once was

isn’t or never was

maybe missing from the beginning

or a death at the end

one once loved, or hated, now a ghost

perhaps one you thought was a ghost

now back to haunt

because that's a loss too...

loss is abundant in negative prevalence

an infinite black hole void

everything and nothing at the same time

loss is a choking breath of dust

wheezing asthmatically at the edges of prayer beyond hope

oh, to replace our loss

to bring back order, to balance it out

to turn loss inside out to substance

so that what’s done is undone

and undone done

and so returns loss to full

a loss of loss

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I type this trying to alleviate

to elevate

above this separated state of fate

at any rate I cannot obliterate nor does it help to hate

this distance, repeated instance

So let me illustrate that if I could

that if I could

that if I could

I would see the sign

no, that all is not fine

cuz it does matter to the mind

like a mad prophet losing profit to the wages of sin

a blunt needle going in

mauling through crawling skin

life pulls the pin then stands there reloading

watching you explode then imploding

tattered word remnants splattering this emoting

this steaming bloating brooding ode to lost time

whispered while screaming yet spoken like a rhyme

the rhythm ripping, reaming

do not count me sublime

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Foreign (S)oil

rationalization of Iraq occupation

in summation U.S. salvation

is damnation of a nation

there is no real foundation for U.S. foreign relations

except to keep the pumps full at the local gas station

in these rhymes I’ll tell you

yeah, try to compel you

that besides oil there’s no reason to shell you

our cause your effect as we stir this your stew

Shiites, Kurds and Sunnis believing only their version is true

death squads act as false gods

create the fa├žade

while they lie and misconstrue

the psalm of Islam explodes a bomb

while civil war tears at the heart of you

between oil derricks

hysteric clerics

there’s neither calm nor virtue

this policy of greed is rude

a people watch their world come unglued