Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More crappy Haiku

I should be working
But why should I begin now?
Is it five o'clock?


Working is such hell
Oh where is my trust fund check?
Must go shopping now.


Can I cook you food?
Maybe stuffed pork ternderloin
With apples and rum.


Wait no nix the pork
Don't you crave chicken pot pie?
You can make the crust!


MMMM, chicken pot pie
with buttery crispy crust
maybe no carrots...


I can Haiku all day
can I get paid to do this?
that would be awesome...


This is getting bad
Hmmm, Haiku Anonymous?
Hi, my name is Al...

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

This is my last one
The words they fill up my night
Note to self: must sleep
Come back to bed, Love
So much more joy to explore
Pleasures plethora
A new addiction
Back off don't try to stop me
Got to keep writing...
Wait I want some more
Is not hurting anyone
Wordplay freak of mine

4th Haiku

I play with Haiku
But I think my technique sucks
Yet still this shit's fun

3rd Haiku

Do we stand or kneel?
Dominate Subjugation
We take turns you see

2nd Haiku

I think we create
windows through paradigm views
clearly clear or not

My 1st Haiku

This is poor Haiku
But I mean no harm
cuz I'm having fun

A treatise on Purple


I believe the deepest colour

vibrant vibe flows

to my mind's eye, my very cortex

resting there alive, powerful, gentle

radiating within and without

a dichotomy of cool heat

puzzling paradox of purple

this mystery of tint

in any depth of shade

any Pantone choice

it's All good, All gorgeous

this melding of Blues and Reds

and its effect upon me and maybe you

moves me to words

but transcends any