Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lovely Notes

I speak to the rise of your crescendo

your lovely notes filling the air

majors and flats reaching this heaven

as if gravity means nothing

with only lung capacity to hold you down

while breathing to my soul

free to reach your perfect pitch

the angels sing with you

the demons cowering in your strength

how can I speak to your need

while keeping my rhythm?

it's all transfer, you see

so sing to heaven, my love

as you rise from earth

Monday, May 22, 2006

just friends

she speaks of just friends

like there is a loss, a void, something missing

as if a friend is a consolation prize

a detraction from the something more that won't be

a subtraction from something else

not understanding that a friend is everything

so that everything else is yet another gift

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Heat Crave

city clouds open to seratonin rush

cerebellum hush

as the warmth reaches deep to my lizard brain

smiling in radiant recognition back to the sun

I crave your heat

firing in synaptic pleasure

as we smile towards the new

Monday, May 8, 2006

Donut of Doom

Oh Bismarck...

perhaps you are the king of donuts

how long have you been hidden from my lips?

with your custardy gooey innards dripping down my goteed chin?

crusty chocolate glaze coats the roof of my mouth

joyously fat, like my enlargening gut


you are undunkable

and must be eaten too quickly

even with my tongue licking out your sweet opening

lest you ooze worthlessly onto the plate

yes, a smidge less perfect than a glazed old fashioned


Friday, May 5, 2006

Let us just say, Damn...

let's wonder

in turn

upon this place of inspection

but blunder

and burn

in case there’s no grace in rejection


we yearn

with affection yet take this direction

we thunder

we churn

but it’s natural selection

going under

I learn

taste your confection

no defection or concern of erection

nothing stern

the dissection of this section

this beautiful distraction

no case of inaction

no apprehension nor distension

no alienation nor failing patience

no dissention or hypertension

upon summation no abstraction or correction of the perfection

but you face an equation in place of sedation

with no exaggeration

or protestation

or manipulation

this is was our creation

let us just say, Damn …