Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Imperfect Picture

carve a new tattoo

pierced and painted

stigmata of stigma

etched from the heaven and hells of history

dripping from the electric fat of mind

sizzling onto skin

blood and ink mingles

a visual representation

of cause and effect

achievement, destruction, truths and lies

all the above

drawn design decorating the dichotomies

bled into the colours

blues, greens, lavender & black

in understanding

a thousand pinpricks

that paint the entire picture forever...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Dare

if you dare

I dare you now

to take a look

and accept somehow

that what has been and what is now

is all there is

so yes, allow

unvarnished view

no rose-tint sight

embrace our truths

and too our lies

plain see it all

while we have eyes

that we take our falls

we touch our skies

and so evolve

as we write this book

we take our bows

because we dared to look...

Sunday, June 11, 2006


as we reach across this web

our strands interweave in a Hello

and there is an instantaneous and mutual understanding

that you and I are absolutely unique

singular unto ourselves

equal but unparalleled

with pasts and presence in the present

with the unspoken somewhere inbetween

all to paint our portraits according to our colours

each in their shades and hues along the spectrum

a lifetime of experience, this is who we are

to be communicated hopefully well to the other

the strands of our web woven in holy interaction

while the truths be told

be they in graytones or violet joy

and through this precious vocalization

and the acceptance thereof in the now

that we may share our truths

as our colours allow

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Walking Home

love the fluid concrete city

cobblestone cracks spring rivlets to the Sound

warm wetness washing the piss off Pike Street alley

cleansing in holy preparation for the new day's bums

the sex of saxophone following me up the hill

bouncing off the stone glass scrapers

stalking like the ghost crying to be touched

Seattle cityscape Needle rising

605 foot hard-on standing proudly over the city's crotch

draped in the perpetual gray of our wet womb

I breathe you all in

salt air, wet concrete, Space Needle and saxophone

my olfactory buffet

feasting at the senses like an adrenaline overload

I draw you to my lips like a kiss

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Critical Mass

gathering our whirlwind within

where this plant pulses power

concentrated to pure, distilled energy

and building towards critical mass

we rock these atoms to the core

inaction impossible; containment unlikely

a hush before the roar...

this is fission in its bursting

with nothing to contain the heat

engulfed in mind-searing g-force


where all is violet explosion

rhythmic seismic cosmic orgasmic

wave after exponential wave

which covers this silken world

as we push the limits yet again

Saturday, June 3, 2006


unsealed, unpeeled

my thoughts revealed

I pick up trusty pen

can't hide inside

words like a rushing tide

the stanzas flow again

and this, my friend

to you I send

this wordplay from within...