Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I can feel your thread

stronger than mere gossimer

maybe not quite as shiny

but touching my soul nonetheless

there are those who espouse universal interconnectedness

don't know if I buy that

but I feel your thread

vibrating this web so that I sense your presence

and rush to meet you halfway

all eight arms of my arachnid life waving welcome

like Charlotte in her love for Wilbur

with her sweet, soft voice of comfort

I listen to yours

your presence is welcome to me

and I'll try not to shatter this thread

but to strengthen it in beautiful connection

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More fun with Haiku

KEXP rocks
the best music in the world
tune ninety point three

must keep listening
do not want to miss a thing
eclectic music

man, what a station!
more music that truly matters
thank God for archives

Stevie Zoom at night
some seriously spacy shit
I love you brother!

Monday, February 20, 2006


I feel the possibility of you

yet ripening before me

fruit for the feeding

each seed a muse, an awakening, an expansion

spreading rhizome-like in verdant connectivity

binding you to me

as we unpeel to expose the core of this experience or that

each uncovering showing more of what is real

and reasonable

I taste each segment, hoping for the sweetest

the healthiest

I see this fruit for what it is, you see too

and am willing to open myself to it

to test the potential for poison or purpose

and by the knowing; by the very reaching for it

experience its very nature

I'll know, believe me

though I could write a poem about what I don't

or don't want to

but I reach for the possibility of this

that in the very reaching; in the consuming thereof

all is blessed...

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Song of David

imagine a circle, if you will

within lies a cross, a plus, or two intersecting lines

or a bull’s-eye

somehow I am in your range, your sights and scope

staring right down your barrel

how many times you've pulled the trigger

yet within these crosshairs, better yet crossroads

I've felt your saline tears splitting fractals to light my way

I've felt your tugging at my sleeve much kinder than my old doorman

a different beckoning

and it makes me want to turn to you

comforted by arms wide in precious relief

and feel your kindest smile upon me

your whisper upon me in grace

as I cry in my wilderness, this man's voice

this song of David

every time I've turned away

you've never turned around

I am in those crosshairs, crossroads, cross of changes

and in these changes I reach for you, my Mentor

in you I seek my solace, my salve, my salvation

and bury myself in you

so that when I emerge anew

I will have touched glory