Friday, October 16, 2009


holy microphone's missives a missile

metered lettersplatter painting the room

incoming rush a vacuum

you inhale a verb

artistic antimatter vortexed as literary cleansing breath

suck it toke it in hold it hold it hold it now

exhaling a perfect approaching syllabic storm

the matter a mushroom cloud of words

lyrics exploding encephalitic minds

storyteller's tale vibrating at 60 cycle hum

tickling in touch of inner ear and cerebral cortex

deep in our stem, pure energy, primordial, starving for it

caressing the same spot as pain, good chocolate & you

proving the mind can cum

we dance, splashing in an electrified word puddle

new creations born again in the art, rhythm and pulse of voice

each line a beat in vocabularied measure

we tango another linguistic line, a samba in semantic choices

and, taking another breath as nitrous fueled as the last

I exhale a font's flame into a mic to keep you listening.

Friday, June 26, 2009


reincarnate the Phoenix

flames lick themselves

reduced to ash as tears and blood mingle

this mud metamorphs into a miracle

recreates the process

rebirths, resurrects to glory

to rise again

opportunity recycled

and shaking off the residual dust of the old

with widespread wings we are born again

spreading to the tips of plumage

a chance is carried on the winds to the new