Tuesday, February 22, 2011

virtual stroll

looks like I've finally found you here

to reel in the rhythm of rhyme

a click of the mouse has brought you near

and virtually-speaking, I want your time

to feel your pulse quicken tho you've nothing to fear

just a digital stroll down the red carpet of my mind

I'm no stalker, but yeah a hopeful romantic

a wordsmith of sorts, a guy playing with semantics

teasing a syllable in as you crack open your door

the wall slightly down and yes demanding more

building crescendo these fingers pull in the words

to watch your lips recite this, far more than we deserve

so thanks for coming, beautiful, we're both here to serve

but next time, dammit, don't take forever

just a click of your mouse is what it takes


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fire wanted, Apply within

Truth is I love you, you're good and you're kind

there are far too few where you stood in my mind

mostly been real and rarely caught lying

but jeezus it's no mystery why I feel like I'm dying

too little pain in this poem and I know that that's wrong

my words need a passion of any kind and damn it's been long...

we've been an endless pause producing no song

honey we had a slow leak now the air is gone

if you'd shown some fire I'd have burned you a sun

for my poems to transpire I need my Muse to stun

oh hell I'm fine and warm, got food in the fridge

sure I got issues, but not looking for a ledge

it's just, well, like dull scissors we lost our edge

like a couple in stasis not alive but not dead

but I'm no zombie, I'll die if overfed


know that I love you, and know I'm a friend

know that I like you and my help always lend

but I need some fire and hope to hell some heat helps me mend

but best for both, love, you and I must end.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Healer

I went to the Healer to salve my soul

to take my rest

to bring me whole

She regaled me with mysteries untold

and sent me to the trees...

I cried to Her what am I to learn?

to grasp? to know? what wisdom discern?

look upon me now with blessed concern!

so She sent me to the seas…

in waterlogged garble I sought Her reason

in tides? in drowning? in changes of season?

no longer contained She sang Wisdom is Legion!

and sent me off to be…

Monday, July 12, 2010



the overwhelming weight of nothingness

where life, friendship, possession, habit or habitat that once was

isn’t or never was

maybe missing from the beginning

or a death at the end

one once loved, or hated, now a ghost

perhaps one you thought was a ghost

now back to haunt

because that's a loss too...

loss is abundant in negative prevalence

an infinite black hole void

everything and nothing at the same time

loss is a choking breath of dust

wheezing asthmatically at the edges of prayer beyond hope

oh, to replace our loss

to bring back order, to balance it out

to turn loss inside out to substance

so that what’s done is undone

and undone done

and so returns loss to full

a loss of loss

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I type this trying to alleviate

to elevate

above this separated state of fate

at any rate I cannot obliterate nor does it help to hate

this distance, repeated instance

So let me illustrate that if I could

that if I could

that if I could

I would see the sign

no, that all is not fine

cuz it does matter to the mind

like a mad prophet losing profit to the wages of sin

a blunt needle going in

mauling through crawling skin

life pulls the pin then stands there reloading

watching you explode then imploding

tattered word remnants splattering this emoting

this steaming bloating brooding ode to lost time

whispered while screaming yet spoken like a rhyme

the rhythm ripping, reaming

do not count me sublime

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Foreign (S)oil

rationalization of Iraq occupation

in summation U.S. salvation

is damnation of a nation

there is no real foundation for U.S. foreign relations

except to keep the pumps full at the local gas station

in these rhymes I’ll tell you

yeah, try to compel you

that besides oil there’s no reason to shell you

our cause your effect as we stir this your stew

Shiites, Kurds and Sunnis believing only their version is true

death squads act as false gods

create the fa├žade

while they lie and misconstrue

the psalm of Islam explodes a bomb

while civil war tears at the heart of you

between oil derricks

hysteric clerics

there’s neither calm nor virtue

this policy of greed is rude

a people watch their world come unglued

Friday, October 16, 2009


holy microphone's missives a missile

metered lettersplatter painting the room

incoming rush a vacuum

you inhale a verb

artistic antimatter vortexed as literary cleansing breath

suck it toke it in hold it hold it hold it now

exhaling a perfect approaching syllabic storm

the matter a mushroom cloud of words

lyrics exploding encephalitic minds

storyteller's tale vibrating at 60 cycle hum

tickling in touch of inner ear and cerebral cortex

deep in our stem, pure energy, primordial, starving for it

caressing the same spot as pain, good chocolate & you

proving the mind can cum

we dance, splashing in an electrified word puddle

new creations born again in the art, rhythm and pulse of voice

each line a beat in vocabularied measure

we tango another linguistic line, a samba in semantic choices

and, taking another breath as nitrous fueled as the last

I exhale a font's flame into a mic to keep you listening.

Friday, June 26, 2009


reincarnate the Phoenix

flames lick themselves

reduced to ash as tears and blood mingle

this mud metamorphs into a miracle

recreates the process

rebirths, resurrects to glory

to rise again

opportunity recycled

and shaking off the residual dust of the old

with widespread wings we are born again

spreading to the tips of plumage

a chance is carried on the winds to the new

Monday, August 11, 2008


eaten alive from within

they say the cigarettes, who the hell knows where it begins...

the cells morph from health to not

his war fought, they storm a weakened fortress

onward they press, nano-sized invaders

enemies in the land understand?

they expand

crossing blood borders on a false passport

their bloodsport, like a terrorist they distort

robbing my father on the installment plan

kicking the ass of the world’s most powerful man

Friday, February 1, 2008

signal everywhere

single soul saxophone bounces off the Market's walls

clear up to Westlake Center

a perfect accompaniment

for your haunt of my city

lavender scented smoke wisps below the haze

eyes burn, leak without knowing why

drowning the city in wet salt

which runs into the Sound

creates tidal waves

tips over ferries

then rushes back up Pike towards The Showbox

douching away the dirt

baptizing the crackheads and Market tourists alike

while both I and the city wait for you

Friday, October 13, 2006

Rachel (or, That's Some Pig!)

genesis of a Seattle dream

unwinds in this raptured REM-play

unravels in lucid rest

in somnambulistic slumber my mind dances down Pike St.

stumbling towards Rachel in her porcine patience

always waiting for me under the clock

as Wilbur waited for Charlotte

her welcome to the Market an open door

to a Seattle dream...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

bitch-slap happy

know this, Love

let perception wash over you

be baptized or bitch-slapped in blessed belief

drown in it for the good of all

whatever works

then squeegee your own self



embrace this enlightenment as a gift

blazed upon your blindness like a billion watt bulb

searing simple certainty into your brain, guts and skin

a tattoo of truth

so that you remember

and continue to breathe

lest you drown in your drama

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Imperfect Picture

carve a new tattoo

pierced and painted

stigmata of stigma

etched from the heaven and hells of history

dripping from the electric fat of mind

sizzling onto skin

blood and ink mingles

a visual representation

of cause and effect

achievement, destruction, truths and lies

all the above

drawn design decorating the dichotomies

bled into the colours

blues, greens, lavender & black

in understanding

a thousand pinpricks

that paint the entire picture forever...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Dare

if you dare

I dare you now

to take a look

and accept somehow

that what has been and what is now

is all there is

so yes, allow

unvarnished view

no rose-tint sight

embrace our truths

and too our lies

plain see it all

while we have eyes

that we take our falls

we touch our skies

and so evolve

as we write this book

we take our bows

because we dared to look...

Sunday, June 11, 2006


as we reach across this web

our strands interweave in a Hello

and there is an instantaneous and mutual understanding

that you and I are absolutely unique

singular unto ourselves

equal but unparalleled

with pasts and presence in the present

with the unspoken somewhere inbetween

all to paint our portraits according to our colours

each in their shades and hues along the spectrum

a lifetime of experience, this is who we are

to be communicated hopefully well to the other

the strands of our web woven in holy interaction

while the truths be told

be they in graytones or violet joy

and through this precious vocalization

and the acceptance thereof in the now

that we may share our truths

as our colours allow

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Walking Home

love the fluid concrete city

cobblestone cracks spring rivlets to the Sound

warm wetness washing the piss off Pike Street alley

cleansing in holy preparation for the new day's bums

the sex of saxophone following me up the hill

bouncing off the stone glass scrapers

stalking like the ghost crying to be touched

Seattle cityscape Needle rising

605 foot hard-on standing proudly over the city's crotch

draped in the perpetual gray of our wet womb

I breathe you all in

salt air, wet concrete, Space Needle and saxophone

my olfactory buffet

feasting at the senses like an adrenaline overload

I draw you to my lips like a kiss

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Critical Mass

gathering our whirlwind within

where this plant pulses power

concentrated to pure, distilled energy

and building towards critical mass

we rock these atoms to the core

inaction impossible; containment unlikely

a hush before the roar...

this is fission in its bursting

with nothing to contain the heat

engulfed in mind-searing g-force


where all is violet explosion

rhythmic seismic cosmic orgasmic

wave after exponential wave

which covers this silken world

as we push the limits yet again

Saturday, June 3, 2006


unsealed, unpeeled

my thoughts revealed

I pick up trusty pen

can't hide inside

words like a rushing tide

the stanzas flow again

and this, my friend

to you I send

this wordplay from within...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lovely Notes

I speak to the rise of your crescendo

your lovely notes filling the air

majors and flats reaching this heaven

as if gravity means nothing

with only lung capacity to hold you down

while breathing to my soul

free to reach your perfect pitch

the angels sing with you

the demons cowering in your strength

how can I speak to your need

while keeping my rhythm?

it's all transfer, you see

so sing to heaven, my love

as you rise from earth

Monday, May 22, 2006

just friends

she speaks of just friends

like there is a loss, a void, something missing

as if a friend is a consolation prize

a detraction from the something more that won't be

a subtraction from something else

not understanding that a friend is everything

so that everything else is yet another gift

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Heat Crave

city clouds open to seratonin rush

cerebellum hush

as the warmth reaches deep to my lizard brain

smiling in radiant recognition back to the sun

I crave your heat

firing in synaptic pleasure

as we smile towards the new

Monday, May 8, 2006

Donut of Doom

Oh Bismarck...

perhaps you are the king of donuts

how long have you been hidden from my lips?

with your custardy gooey innards dripping down my goteed chin?

crusty chocolate glaze coats the roof of my mouth

joyously fat, like my enlargening gut


you are undunkable

and must be eaten too quickly

even with my tongue licking out your sweet opening

lest you ooze worthlessly onto the plate

yes, a smidge less perfect than a glazed old fashioned


Friday, May 5, 2006

Let us just say, Damn...

let's wonder

in turn

upon this place of inspection

but blunder

and burn

in case there’s no grace in rejection


we yearn

with affection yet take this direction

we thunder

we churn

but it’s natural selection

going under

I learn

taste your confection

no defection or concern of erection

nothing stern

the dissection of this section

this beautiful distraction

no case of inaction

no apprehension nor distension

no alienation nor failing patience

no dissention or hypertension

upon summation no abstraction or correction of the perfection

but you face an equation in place of sedation

with no exaggeration

or protestation

or manipulation

this is was our creation

let us just say, Damn …

Sunday, April 9, 2006

About a pig

I read a book once

maybe twice or a hundred times

damn, I own the first edition, you know?

about this pig, this fabulous pig

and the soft voice he hears in the night

of Charlotte breathing the words that saves his bacon

weaving his salvation with arachnid insight

bringing all into her web, garnering the support of the caring

not all of them vegetarians, I presume

yet they spare him from the roast

isn't that beautiful?

Saturday, April 1, 2006


there is light

fractured through saline distorted prisms

bent in unfocused colors on their scale

but peeking through as a rainbow in the distance

this is a jewel of thought

that the bloody shards under foot

can be swept up

feet and mind to heal

and that light still bent in colors

shows the facets of diamond

Saturday, March 11, 2006

re: Reincarnation

in the voice of God, I imagine believing

is the coming home of a youth

the fear leaving

soul searing whiteness of truth

the lucidity of greaving

in the Spring we're all absolute

life anew, no time for bereaving

Thursday, March 2, 2006


with the exception of strings

you are my guitar

visualize this with me

all curves

rise to rush upward to the first dip

like a wooden skin rollercoaster

an E ticket ride

rise and fall of your sweet sound

rushing up to meet me

this is mine

rising up in crescendo, sings to me

amplifies in surging waves

as it hurricanes in fullness to a crescendo, or two

and corresponds to applied magic of the musician

pinnacle of perfection

and when reaching this beautiful crown

insatiable it begs to begin again in a new octave

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I can feel your thread

stronger than mere gossimer

maybe not quite as shiny

but touching my soul nonetheless

there are those who espouse universal interconnectedness

don't know if I buy that

but I feel your thread

vibrating this web so that I sense your presence

and rush to meet you halfway

all eight arms of my arachnid life waving welcome

like Charlotte in her love for Wilbur

with her sweet, soft voice of comfort

I listen to yours

your presence is welcome to me

and I'll try not to shatter this thread

but to strengthen it in beautiful connection

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More fun with Haiku

KEXP rocks
the best music in the world
tune ninety point three

must keep listening
do not want to miss a thing
eclectic music

man, what a station!
more music that truly matters
thank God for archives

Stevie Zoom at night
some seriously spacy shit
I love you brother!

Monday, February 20, 2006


I feel the possibility of you

yet ripening before me

fruit for the feeding

each seed a muse, an awakening, an expansion

spreading rhizome-like in verdant connectivity

binding you to me

as we unpeel to expose the core of this experience or that

each uncovering showing more of what is real

and reasonable

I taste each segment, hoping for the sweetest

the healthiest

I see this fruit for what it is, you see too

and am willing to open myself to it

to test the potential for poison or purpose

and by the knowing; by the very reaching for it

experience its very nature

I'll know, believe me

though I could write a poem about what I don't

or don't want to

but I reach for the possibility of this

that in the very reaching; in the consuming thereof

all is blessed...

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Song of David

imagine a circle, if you will

within lies a cross, a plus, or two intersecting lines

or a bull’s-eye

somehow I am in your range, your sights and scope

staring right down your barrel

how many times you've pulled the trigger

yet within these crosshairs, better yet crossroads

I've felt your saline tears splitting fractals to light my way

I've felt your tugging at my sleeve much kinder than my old doorman

a different beckoning

and it makes me want to turn to you

comforted by arms wide in precious relief

and feel your kindest smile upon me

your whisper upon me in grace

as I cry in my wilderness, this man's voice

this song of David

every time I've turned away

you've never turned around

I am in those crosshairs, crossroads, cross of changes

and in these changes I reach for you, my Mentor

in you I seek my solace, my salve, my salvation

and bury myself in you

so that when I emerge anew

I will have touched glory

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


moments from years

over the course of a lifetime

that we've connected

a woman-in-training

I’ll see your shining face

looking forward in genetic reflection

and hopefully smiling

I wrote about you in Cut

but don’t really think of you like that

I’d rather see your grace

though we can talk about it all

it’s about time, my tribe

we’ll be at depth when you breathe permission

but in the meanwhile the fridge is packed

and the ink’s on Broadway

waiting for skin

or pierced

because there’s blood Here

and I'm glad you're home amongst the loved

I hope you experience it

because there's a ferry to catch

and shows to see

world-famous bisquits and gravy

and good people who want to meet you

to see the art in you

from me?

gratefully more days in a lifetime

thank you for your shining face

and thank the All for your intelligence and wit

looking forward in genetic reflection

I'm smiling

and internally dancing like a fool

because you’re mine

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I didn't know...

How incredibly interesting

that we love

what we can't have

what we can't know

what's just out of reach

despite our best intentions

we are sucked in even though

as if looking for the trap to jump into

so that when we've held it in the palms of our hands

and even laid it down as a sacrifice

to be carved into God knows what

we yet crave more

and the farther away

the more elusive

the more we love

isn't that strange?

that discontentment with the joy we have

or had

or could have had

that somehow it is flawed

and just not good enough

the beauty right before our eyes

turns as to dust by our neglect

and only when it blows away

do we chase it like fools


A friend told me to take it slow
to stop awhile, come smell a rose
beside the stream where she still goes
a bud, a vine, a rosepatch grows

I stopped and sat amongst the vine
breathed in pleasure's sweetened wine
a sumptious meal for all to dine
I thought to take, but it wasn't mine

To spend day bent over flower
filled with fragrance felt within
vines cling about with bursts of power
new petals emerge, a life begins

A rose is more than flower and vine
stamen, petal or dewdrop still
a heady essence of colour divine
a creation of life, it's terms fulfilled

The King

And now for something a little fluffier...

There before bewildered eyes was him, behold, The King
Mutton chops and poofydoo top he locked his legs to sing
white jumpsuit dazzling sequins, I reached for him to touch
the crowd went in hysterics when he Thanked you very much

I said "Elvis, where'd you come from? I thought that you were gone!"
But here you are like a Vegas star just bursting into song!
He said "Alan baby it's been like gravy to be off with far-off friends"
It wasn't a crock the King of Rock had been with aliens...

Now I know that some think they've seen him at the local Tastee Freez
he serves em cones and nachos as he pushes money keys
but here's The King before me and it's him, Oh God, it's him!
I think I need a sedative cuz I've edged over the rim...

So if an Elvis sighting comes and you doubt the tabloid press
I tell you man say what you can but disregard the rest
cuz he's the guy who touched the sky while posing as a junkie
and the voice that sings might just be The King
or a slurpee selling flunky.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Holy

Why’d they refuse you entry?

Cat, they just don’t understand

you’re my brother, but hell they let me in

Salaam, my brother Yusef

I have always loved you

even when you went away

but Shine, Shine, Shine…

we just don’t respect your pilgrimage

your holy trip

it’s always set you apart

you’ve always had second sight

and I’ve loved you for it

been in love with you

since forever

before you went to Mecca

before you had tea with your tillerman

before you teased the firecat

before you offered Buddha his chocolate

and now especially since

I’ve drunk your wine, my brother

I love you so much

you bring me to God, to your Allah

Shine, Shine, Shine

Friday, November 4, 2005


what does that feel like, to open yourself like that?

is it cathartic?

to feel something?

anything at all?

because you’re so full of pain?

that there is no room for more?

that it will come out somehow?

to release your demons?

or release your soul?

why is it that I act out?

and you act in?

won’t you stop, my baby?

I’ll buy you all the pizzas you want

I’ll do anything for you

a n y t h i n g

to stop your flow

before it drowns you

Monday, October 24, 2005

Haiku - Blank Page

This was a blank page

until these words came along

read between the lines


When we locked our lips

it was our infinity

for just a moment

Friday, October 21, 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Can I touch you from the inside

where the lizard brain meets live synapse

firing forward in perfect order of understanding

and makes sense within a nanosecond

each spark a conduit of connection

a recognition

a light bulb moment

to reach back to me

where the enlightenment evolves

and intuition proves itself

and the all is the one

a perfect melding

dialed in to the clearest frequency

bluetooth for the soul

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More crappy Haiku

I should be working
But why should I begin now?
Is it five o'clock?


Working is such hell
Oh where is my trust fund check?
Must go shopping now.


Can I cook you food?
Maybe stuffed pork ternderloin
With apples and rum.


Wait no nix the pork
Don't you crave chicken pot pie?
You can make the crust!


MMMM, chicken pot pie
with buttery crispy crust
maybe no carrots...


I can Haiku all day
can I get paid to do this?
that would be awesome...


This is getting bad
Hmmm, Haiku Anonymous?
Hi, my name is Al...

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

This is my last one
The words they fill up my night
Note to self: must sleep
Come back to bed, Love
So much more joy to explore
Pleasures plethora
A new addiction
Back off don't try to stop me
Got to keep writing...
Wait I want some more
Is not hurting anyone
Wordplay freak of mine

4th Haiku

I play with Haiku
But I think my technique sucks
Yet still this shit's fun

3rd Haiku

Do we stand or kneel?
Dominate Subjugation
We take turns you see

2nd Haiku

I think we create
windows through paradigm views
clearly clear or not

My 1st Haiku

This is poor Haiku
But I mean no harm
cuz I'm having fun

A treatise on Purple


I believe the deepest colour

vibrant vibe flows

to my mind's eye, my very cortex

resting there alive, powerful, gentle

radiating within and without

a dichotomy of cool heat

puzzling paradox of purple

this mystery of tint

in any depth of shade

any Pantone choice

it's All good, All gorgeous

this melding of Blues and Reds

and its effect upon me and maybe you

moves me to words

but transcends any

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Life as Art


A word,,,

Thanks for coming to my blog; a space where I can post the words I've put on paper, now into the nethervoids of the World Wide Web. Please be gentle. Please give me props if you post my poems anywhere. Please know that they're all copyrighted & I will hunt you down like a dog & kill you if you disrespect that. I know you. I know where you live. I haven't taken my medication in a long, long time. Just kidding, but I will be angry, & you will be short of money.
Life as Art

Perfect Meditation II

writing for me is all content

a perfect meditation

it’s better than…

it’s better than sedation

cuz when putting mind to words

the feelings flow so true

they speak of strange and precious things

I want to say to you

but it’s better yet that when I write

my heart out while it pours

that when the pen it does take flight

I’ve opened up your doors.


strumming harmonic happiness

the strings all dance for me

playing to the angels round us music they can see

octaves range in pitch of what my fingers feel

in the space of sequential collusion strings spell what is real

in my arms the probed seduction takes off at a chord

we’ll say quite all we need to now without the spoken word

you’re a part of my existence in your perfect woman’s form

I’ve noticed no rejection from your polished wooden warmth

when all about is hatred bickering and strife

I hold you in my loving arms since 8 you’ve been my lfe

a crystal clear perception of what I can portray

your love is like a vacuum taking me away

The Electrician

sparking through thin insulation consolation

your voltage electrifies my coils

I am the transformer

reformer conformer

reverting converting averting into useful energy


intimate knowledge of your conduit

shrieking power

I am the electrician

wiring firing inspiring

your system

We are the powerplant

providing subsiding residing beside

the harnessed energy


We are the fused

appliance alliance

needing both

to never be



I want a tattoo

a man climbing an impregnable mountain

or mind-blown freaking into the nothingness

Edvard Munch’s Scream

I want a tattoo

your name carved upon my flesh

my blood sacrifice

but what when it’s obsolete?

an engraved reminder of artistry gone awry

yeah I want a tattoo

a man scarred ripped asunder

sown back together

better than before

Mary Shelley’s Monster

didn’t he die at the end?

Tattoo me pierced as you please

a smile etched upon redeemed flesh

smoking reds and violet explosions

of a chance grabbed clung to heart

a phoenix resurrected from a handmade grave

to rise and smile upon the vision

of a lifebird who flies again

Jet City Town

in a purple tint burnt fire

of a window seen sunset

shared by two inspired

just before met

something holds the colours

in the evercrimson sky

tint of two hearts beating

sienna as the day’s-end prize

lovers awestruck serene

sucked deep by infinite power

more real than any dream

the blossom of any flower

this we took in mind’s remberance

this picture inside me now

an hour of peaceful assemblance

paint my jet city town

Queen's Alchemy

venus eyes saline pearls

your perfect salt

I lick it off

tongue tip tracing

silhouette lovers grace

salt to sugar

acid to gold

queen’s alchemy

lovers atomist embrace

fertile sun tongued arena

tracing the pleasure of your sigh

stone melts to liquid sand

glacier to river

queen’s alchemy



sometimes a state of tremble -indecision- no peace resembled
can stand between the goals of your desire
at times a fate dissembled –bad religion- faithless assemble
can grant your dream a hole devoid of fire

can you persevere with patience creeping slowly towards the station?
is it possible to wait for what is whole?
to blind revere the latent creeping steadily with singular patience
you’ll scramble with a purpose to your role

like a runner’s rush you’ll follow –adrenaline rising- hard to swallow
the power of a well-chosen stride
like a mourner’s hush it’s sorrow –toward the end- victory’s hollow
a passion consumed by our pride

so slug-like oozing forward like a soldier towards the tower
we strive towards paper engraved by the dead
and when at last we see we have enough to be thought free
it’s a stifled shell-shocked silence mind your head