Tuesday, August 30, 2005



sometimes a state of tremble -indecision- no peace resembled
can stand between the goals of your desire
at times a fate dissembled –bad religion- faithless assemble
can grant your dream a hole devoid of fire

can you persevere with patience creeping slowly towards the station?
is it possible to wait for what is whole?
to blind revere the latent creeping steadily with singular patience
you’ll scramble with a purpose to your role

like a runner’s rush you’ll follow –adrenaline rising- hard to swallow
the power of a well-chosen stride
like a mourner’s hush it’s sorrow –toward the end- victory’s hollow
a passion consumed by our pride

so slug-like oozing forward like a soldier towards the tower
we strive towards paper engraved by the dead
and when at last we see we have enough to be thought free
it’s a stifled shell-shocked silence mind your head

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