Tuesday, November 22, 2005


moments from years

over the course of a lifetime

that we've connected

a woman-in-training

I’ll see your shining face

looking forward in genetic reflection

and hopefully smiling

I wrote about you in Cut

but don’t really think of you like that

I’d rather see your grace

though we can talk about it all

it’s about time, my tribe

we’ll be at depth when you breathe permission

but in the meanwhile the fridge is packed

and the ink’s on Broadway

waiting for skin

or pierced

because there’s blood Here

and I'm glad you're home amongst the loved

I hope you experience it

because there's a ferry to catch

and shows to see

world-famous bisquits and gravy

and good people who want to meet you

to see the art in you

from me?

gratefully more days in a lifetime

thank you for your shining face

and thank the All for your intelligence and wit

looking forward in genetic reflection

I'm smiling

and internally dancing like a fool

because you’re mine

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What an incredible tribute to your daughter. Makes me wish I could string together a bunch of "posh" elegant words the way you do!!!