Thursday, November 17, 2005

The King

And now for something a little fluffier...

There before bewildered eyes was him, behold, The King
Mutton chops and poofydoo top he locked his legs to sing
white jumpsuit dazzling sequins, I reached for him to touch
the crowd went in hysterics when he Thanked you very much

I said "Elvis, where'd you come from? I thought that you were gone!"
But here you are like a Vegas star just bursting into song!
He said "Alan baby it's been like gravy to be off with far-off friends"
It wasn't a crock the King of Rock had been with aliens...

Now I know that some think they've seen him at the local Tastee Freez
he serves em cones and nachos as he pushes money keys
but here's The King before me and it's him, Oh God, it's him!
I think I need a sedative cuz I've edged over the rim...

So if an Elvis sighting comes and you doubt the tabloid press
I tell you man say what you can but disregard the rest
cuz he's the guy who touched the sky while posing as a junkie
and the voice that sings might just be The King
or a slurpee selling flunky.

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