Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fire wanted, Apply within

Truth is I love you, you're good and you're kind

there are far too few where you stood in my mind

mostly been real and rarely caught lying

but jeezus it's no mystery why I feel like I'm dying

too little pain in this poem and I know that that's wrong

my words need a passion of any kind and damn it's been long...

we've been an endless pause producing no song

honey we had a slow leak now the air is gone

if you'd shown some fire I'd have burned you a sun

for my poems to transpire I need my Muse to stun

oh hell I'm fine and warm, got food in the fridge

sure I got issues, but not looking for a ledge

it's just, well, like dull scissors we lost our edge

like a couple in stasis not alive but not dead

but I'm no zombie, I'll die if overfed


know that I love you, and know I'm a friend

know that I like you and my help always lend

but I need some fire and hope to hell some heat helps me mend

but best for both, love, you and I must end.

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